Our aim is to deliver life-changing experiences.

The Go Girl Academy delivers a range of life-changing and inspirational holiday camps, inspiration days, events and workshops which promotes self-esteem, confidence and well being for girls aged 9-16. The true essence of Go Girl is to empower girls to reach their true potential, to embrace their individuality and to lead happy fulfilling lives.

We also are passionate about promoting entrepreneurism and work with inspirational businesswomen who share their life and career stories with our Go Girls to inspire them to dream big!

The Go Girl Academy is extremely rewarding as we take our Go Girls on an inspirational journey of self-development and the positive impact this has is extremely powerful. Our girls realise that they are unique and that comparing themselves to others is a total waste of time. The change in mindset is amazing to see and their levels of confidence and self-esteem begin to soar. This then has a direct impact on how they view themselves, their self-belief improves greatly as does their personal aspirations for the future. The Go Girl Academy is truly life changing to so many girls and it is our aim to offer this life-changing experience to girls across the UK and worldwide. The Go Girl Academy is currently having research published by Cardiff Metropolitan on the positive effects we deliver.

The Founder

Wenda James-Rowe is passionate about helping young girls and women to reach their true potential and embrace their individuality. The Go Girl Academy was founded by Wenda James-Rowe in 2012, when as her job as an Image Consultant and Fitness instructor, Wenda was regularly told by parents that their daughters lacked confidence and self-esteem and that frustratingly were at a loss as to how to tackle this.

Wenda is an identical twin and grew up being compared to her very brainy sister. “I used to compare myself to my sister and wonder why I wasn’t as academic as her? “ I then realised in my later teens that I loved working with people and was actually more creative than academic. I wish I had realised this much earlier as I really did beat myself up about this over the years. Both my sister and I have gone on to have successful careers but in very different fields.

This is exactly the message and ethos of The Go Girl Academy, we are all unique and individual and we all have unique individual qualities. If we realise what we are good at and what we are passionate about early on in life, this can be instrumental in helping us with career and life decisions in the future.








Why should someone support The Go Girl Academy?

Supporting the Go Girl Academy by becoming an ambassador through the Scholarship/sponsorship programme cannot be underestimated. It will change a young girl’s life forever and will have such a positive impact on her confidence, self-esteem, well being and self-belief. Every girl deserves to have a great start in life and to have the opportunity to follow her dreams and reach their true potential. The Go Girl Academy can provide this and with your help and support, we can offer this life-changing experience to girls from all walk of life and backgrounds.

What is the Go Girl Academy?
The Go Girl Academy delivers holiday camps, workshops and events for girls aged 9-16.
Why was Go Girl Academy set up?
The GGA was set up to help girls embrace their individuality and to reach their true potential. We promote confidence, self-esteem and well being and are passionate about helping girls follow their dreams and lead happy fulfilling lives.
Where is Go Girl Academy based?
We are based in Cardiff and run holiday camps across South Wales.
What kind of sessions do you offer?
We offer a range of fun and inspiring sessions and pride ourselves on offering something for every girl. These sessions include, dance, mindfulness, yoga, have masterclass, creative activities, role model inspirations days, guest speakers and fresh air activities.
How do you book?
Please refer to our website for booking details and info on all our camps and events.
How to sponsor a place?
Please get in touch for further info and opportunities on sponsoring a life changing place for a young Go Girl.
What are the Plans for the future?
We plan to run camps across the UK and will soon launch a Go Girl franchise opportunity across UK.

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